Welcome to Rocco + Norah. You have excellent taste + we are so glad you are here! 

R+N is a brand born out of the desire to be creative, rebellious, + support all the awesome mamas out there. With backgrounds in art, decorating, + textile design, we knew there had to be something we could create together. So, when all of our friends began having their first + second babies, we were inspired + it was on like Donkey Kong. 

We are proud to offer quality made products for the unique minis + mamas in your life. All of our patterns are all hand drawn 100% original! That’s right, you can’t find these suckers anywhere else. We are proud to offer quality-made products for the unique minis + mamas in your life.

So stay + shop awhile.


I’m Lauren aka Lo. Wifey to The Captain, Mama to Rocco + Felix, + long-time rebel. I graduated oh-so-long ago with a degree in art history and in my previous life worked in customer service, upscale retail, and for a hot minute as an actress. You may have seen some of my work… just kidding; you’ve never seen any of my work. I love hockey fights, Justin Bieber songs, and long walks to the taco truck. It has been my distinct pleasure to learn + grow + create with R+N. I'm so excited to work with Tracy to share our hearts + hard work with you.




Hi, I'm Tracy!! I recently had a baby girl, Avery, this past September. Yes, I am very tired. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Surface Pattern Design from Syracuse University. Actually, if you’re in the NJ/NYC area I could really use a pizza. #pizzasnob I started my career working as a bedding designer in NYC + was able to work with some amazing brands. In a perfect world, I live at the beach + go to the farmers market daily. I followed my dreamy husband to sunny SoCal, where I met Lauren + the rest is R+N history.